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FAA Publications
    Most of these publications are available from the FAA website. As a convience, I am providing some of the more hard to find (or downlaod) ones here:

AIM 19.8mb Airmans Information Manual
AC61-21C 14.7mb Flight Training Handbook
AC61-23C 12.5mb Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
AC61-27C 53.2mb Instrument Flying Handbook
FAR 5.15mb Federal Aviation Regulations
H-8083-3 26.2mb Airplane Flying Handbook
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CAP Form 5 Downloads
    The following are some of the documents that you will be needing for your checkride.

They are available here for your convienence, but it is important that you insure you are using the most recent form. Please visit for the most recent versions of these files.

CAP Form 5 Nov 2001 CAP Airplane Pilot Checkride Form
CAP Form 71 Feb 2000 CAP Airplane Inspection Form
CAP Form 91 Nov 2001 CAP Mission Pilot Checkride Form
CAPR 60-1 C1 19 Oct 04 CAP Flight Management (Inc. Change 1)
CAPR 60-1 SER Feb 2003 CAP 60-1 Southeast Region Suppliment
Form 5 Cklist Mar 2003 Form 5 Checklist (Superceeded)
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