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Contact Information
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at:

We usually reply to email within 24 hours.
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Request Information
Primary Interests:
General Information
Flight Instruction
Safety Counceling
Remedial Counceling
To help us better serve you, please provide any other information that you feel would be relevant:
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Special Thanks
    Special thanks to the following people/organizations:
  • Nickkie McHenry, My wife of many years, for putting up with my crazy ideas, endless hobbies, and having our three great (healthy) boys.
  • Mr. Moore was a teacher who gave me free reign over my studies. He always had an extra challenge for me on every lesson!
  • Honorable Judge James Wilcox, for not trying me as an adult in that pesky computer incident back in 1986.
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Development Tools
    The following programs were used in the creation & design of this website and our other software:
  • Borland / Inprise - C++ Builder 6.0
    This is about the nicest and quickest idea-to-product C++ development software yet. I still have Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise, but it is getting a pretty thick layer of dust on it.
  • Jasc Software - Paint Shop Pro 7
    Paint Shop Pro is often referred to as "The Poor Man's Photoshop". However, it is an excellent application for web graphics creation & editing.
  • Microsoft - NotePad
    What can I say? NotePad is < the best > program ever designed by Microsoft. It is fast & easy for a syntax junkie such as myself.
    Windows XP Professional is also the operating system which I am running. It is extraordinarily stable and worth every penny!
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